martedì 20 dicembre 2011

F1RFT2011 Public Release

Puntualissimo Sompir rilascia la versione finale della sua F1RFT 2011.
Ecco la presentazione:

Before you install F1RFT 2011 Final, you have to remove the "BETA". In the Multi- and the Singleplayer modification works the DRS-KERS plugin. But to use the rFactor with

more than 20 players/AI you have to do some changes
(!note: The plugin works only with the online activated original executable. With the dvd version and the 4.8 MB crack doesn't work):

Windows 7/Vista x64 (64bit):
You have to change rFactor.exe (2 210 305 B) to an updated version. After F1RFT 2011 Final's installation there will be in the F1RFTdata folder or here

Windows 7/Vista x86 (32Bit):
According to the 64 bit version of OS. But to work on the 32 bit system some additional steps required: you have to extend the 2 GB limit: Start menu\Programs\Accessories\Command Line (CMD) have to be runned as administrator and then have to be typed the next command: bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072
After a restart the rFactor will work correctly with larger grids

Windows XP:
On Windows XP no changes required. The original rFactor.exe should stay.

Download F1RFT 2011 FINAL:

Download F1 2011 DRS TrackPack Part1 :

Download F1 2011 DRS TrackPack Part2:

For the correct work of DRS/KERS the next frameworks required:

KERS’s and DRS’s required settings: (To display the DRS and the KERS we recommend the rfDynHUD, which is included in the game)

1. Display in rfDynHUD:
  1. Start the „\Plugins\rfdynhud\editor\rfdynhud_editor_launcher.exe” as administrator.
  2. „Tools” menu: „Edit Input Bindings
  3. The „TempBoost” row: same button which will be KERS in the rFactor and The „DRS Action” row: fixed to the keyboard’s „H”-key
  4. File menu: „Save” or „CTRL+S”

2. The DRS’s and KERS’s settings in the rFactor:
  1. "KERS/Temporary Boost" same as in the rfDynHUD.
  2. "Headlight" have to be "H" key.
  3. "DRS/Handbrake" the DRS button. Any button could it be.

After this you could use DRS and KERS in the F1RFT 2011 Final mod.

In the F1 2011 DRS TrackPack on every track the beginning of DRS zone is displayed. You could use the DRS in race session after 2 laps completed. If Safetycar is on the track(Full Curse Yellow Flag) then the DRS is disables automaticly and the DRS will be available after 2 laps. I you switched off the DRS than you can't switch back on in the zone again. The DRS and KERS work according to the FIA regulations.

DRS-KERS plugin information:
Szabados Lajos

The mod includes templates for cars. (F1RFTData/template)
Fast download and have fun:

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